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Are you up for commissions? Working for hire? Awesomely talented at reasonable prices? Well, please let me know, my friends! I have a sudden urge to help any watcher out who needs to earn a little extra cash! If you are accepting commissions, please post your price range along with three samples of your work for me to feature in this journal! That is all! See samples below!

:iconmortaleredwolf: o 2o/ meeee. I am a traditional artist that will ship within the usa and canada. Overseas shipping can be done if you are willing to pay shipping.
Scottish Terrier .:Half Mask:. by MortaleRedWolf Five Night Pins by MortaleRedWolf Twilight Sparkle and Spike .:Monster Hunter:. by MortaleRedWolf
You can get my items here:
or note me if you dont see it up on there.
Half masks start at 75 for a solidcolor no airbrushing
Pins are 2.00 each
Prints are 5.00 each for ponies

:iconatsirka: I could do some! I'm a mixed artist, working both on traditional and digital designs and drawings - though I prefer designing characters. I'd rather like to send my images to you digitally though, as I am too poor to ship anywhere QwQ; 
Iļl give some examples of my drawings
Suzume Shokunin by atsirka Digital Sketchavember 11 by atsirkaHand drawn - mind you this is old, my style has improved and this was a five minute sketch, if I must draw something for you it won't be anything close to this!mixed digital and traditional Jun Hoshioka by atsirka
We can haggle the price though I don't think I'd ask more than about 10 dollars about a design - considering how complex it is. By the by, I do NOT draw animals, I accept humans with animalistic details (ears,wings,tail and such) though.
Disclaimer: I study in university and my exams are approaching - so I might end up taking some time, so if you are in a bit of a hurry - I warn you my drawings will be simple.

Open Commission Slots bruh.… now for a limited time but i can add people to a queue~

Brienne by Kawee-KaweeBusts   Raistlin in 17 by Kawee-KaweeUpper half of bods Temptations by Kawee-Kaweefull bods

Your choice of Simple Line-art, Flat colored line art, and fully colored and shading illustrations. In-depth info here:…

I'm currently taking commissions :) (Smile) 
Located in the US (but can ship anywhere if shipping is properly paid), I do drawing (both traditional and digital) roughly ranging from $5 to $10 and sewing commissions ranging from $10-$20. Drawing price depends on style, sewing price depends on complexity. 
Traditional: Kabuto Strikes Back by Ariaera  Sewing: Fleece Hats for Sale by Ariaera Digital: Put on a Brave Face by Ariaera

For more info and examples for commissioning: Commission Info

I'm a digital artist and my prices are between $5 USD and $25 USD, but can go up if you want a digital painting
If you really want to know about prices, here is my commission sheet 2014 Commission Sheet by TheHumanHeart 
Here are some samples:
+ On Earth As In Heaven + by TheHumanHeart  THE WEIGHT OF A CROWN by TheHumanHeart  + Fireball + by TheHumanHeart  

:iconmelindaington: I could use some work and networking, since I've been trying to find work. I do a multitude of things ranging from regular art commissions, graphic design such as logos/flyers/etc, painting cloth and shirt, silk screening, making magnets/stickers, Shrinky Dink and 3D ready-for-print models for keychains and anything else I can get my hands on.
Blue Halo Spartan Armor Painted Shirt by MelindaingtonLavernius Tucker by MelindaingtonCannascan Flyer [COMMISSION] by Melindaington

I'm always open for commissions at reasonably low prices. I am a digital artist who mainly focuses around animal art, not humans very often.

Bullet; Red I do Custom Designed Characters for a mere 20 Points 

Bullet; Yellow For my commissions, I usually do the little extra for each character, adding a character costing a measly 5 Points .

Bullet; Green A Sketch/Lineart as shown in this example here -- Mr. Artist Wolfie!~ by Wolf-Kunoichi-Kiosho  is only 10 Points

Bullet; Blue A simply coloured with a simple background (I may do simple shading as well) -- Art Trade with HannahTheRose111 - Holly by Wolf-Kunoichi-Kiosho  is only 20 Points

Bullet; Purple And my best works with beauties of colours, shading and my backgrounds that are sure to please you --   Naruto Densetsu Fake Screenshot - Nothing to Me by Wolf-Kunoichi-Kiosho are a fair price of 50 Points :D (Big Grin)

:iconfirewyrm2018: I do digital art, mostly because I don't have a scanner. (sadness...)
Well, I've got a journal up with prices here:
Apperently, I can't post thumbs, so... examples are on the journal.

:iconsoapiesthorse: Commissions by soapiesthorse

For a lineart: $10, for color: $15, and for detailed: $20. Each additional character/animal is an extra $2. 
Lineart (Two colors, one as a line, and one as filler: 
Scowl by Chelseam2
Color (multiple colors, simple shading, solid/simple background): 
Happy by Chelseam2
Detailed. (.....detailed...):
Curious by Chelseam2 

I'm mostly a digital Artist, but I love drawing traditional sketches.
I can draw canine and birds. 
Also I do paypal and point commissions.
The prices are between 0,50€ - 3€ / 50 Points - 300 Points
Here is my full list:  Commission -OPEN-COMMISSION PRICELIST
Commissions Currently: OPEN

1. Kodoku-no-Mirai - done
These are for personal use only, not commercial. You can print them out for yourself, but don't sell.
Not claiming the artwork as your own.I have the right to reject your commission request for any reason.All commissions will be posted on my DA gallery. If you don't want to, tell me.
If you want a WIP, just ask me.Please do not rush me. I'll take the time I need, that depends from my worktime. Normally I need between 3 - 8 days. If you need your commission till a deadline, ask me.
NOTE me with the title commission using the following example.
Do NOT pay me before I agree. I

And here are some examples:
Phoenix by the-gaywolf   PCM - Karaji by the-gaywolf   Panic by the-gaywolf

:iconikiryo-maki: i bringeth TEA! Programmers Elixir ~ Tea by ikiryo-Maki Freshly brewed for this picture

...there was a muffin but I eated it...

Full Body Characters: $10 each Naruto OC (Photoshop) (PaintTool SAI) (Bio) by TaurusGirl911Fire Wizard101 Character (with Border) (PNG) by TaurusGirl911

Chibis: $5 each Chibi Unicorn Annika (Request) (With White Border) by TaurusGirl911

I Do Mostly Digital Now And I Have A Couple Different Commission Choices Up 
$1 Or 100 Points Each (It's Really Nice Of You To Do This Mr. A xD)

     Any 1 Creature

 EX: Divine black dragon by IshidaSado
     Sexy Poses (+Yaoi)

 EX: Eridan (Homestuck) Commission by IshidaSado
 EX: Orochimaru for you ^3^ by IshidaSado
I do point commissions.. uum 

I can do chibi's for 10 points
half body for 40 points
and full body for 90 points 
It Tickles by kitkatnis Looking At My Lover by kitkatnisDhalia (commission) by kitkatnis 
:iconepiclykhi: My sketchs are from $2-4  ex-…      
:iconizzymarrie:  Hello! I'm a writer who likes to write both emotional and narrative poems and lyrics. I can write both short and long poems, with or without complex formatting.  I also do voice acting, simple mixing, and dark and creepy sound effects.  I specialize in horror, surrealist, and psychological themes, but I do well with angst, trauma, and light-mooded topics such as beauty in nature or friendship as well.  

(Complex formatting is not simply the use of bold and italics, and requires hours to complete.  It can include creating pictures with words, and even the use of several fonts —with back up universal fonts included— to convey different speaking voices, and is always used to convey a specific mood.)

Some examples of my work:

(I can provide more samples of my work upon request)

Short poems (anywhere from 2 - 4 stanzas)  $5 - $15  (add special and complex formatting + $5 - $10)

A Savory Treat"A Savory Treat"

written by: Sara Hervey 

(aka IzzyMarrie , also 'The Major')
Do NOT: 
copy, repost, edit, or claim as your own
Has anyone told you lately that you're beautiful?
For shame! 
So that's a 'no'?
For such tender skin, and a nectarous voice,
it hurts!
It CAN'T be so!
How ANYONE could over-look such grace,
piquant and rich, made of choice quality,
THAT is beyond me.
For heaven cast down a star,
and blessed it with such darling conviction,
that you've become,
special to me . . .
That is why . . .
as I kiss your forehead,
caressing your slender form . . .
I will commit every line of your tear-stained face,
your slick, red/blue

Note:  Haikus are very easy for me, and a Haiku will only cost $7 a poem and will not contain complex formatting. 
Long poems (anywhere from 4 or more stanzas)  $18 - or more  (add special and complex formatting + $10 or more, depending on poem length)

  Shattered Reflections"Shattered Reflections"

written by: Sara Hervey 

(aka IzzyMarrie , also 'The Major')
Do NOT: 
copy, repost, edit, or claim as your own
(in dedication to my character Amy)


Voice acting plus sound effects  $15 for every minute of audio (can be coupled with a physical poem with very simple formatting for + $5, and if you want me to write the script, then plus another $5):

   Beyond (reach ...)You will never reach her.
She is dead.
You will never find her.
She is in your head.
Please stay a while.
Floating for a while.
We are all poltergeists,
in our head.

I  f o u n d  y o u . . .
D i d  y o u  t h i n k 
y o u  c o u l d  e s c a p e ?

Time slows,
we are no more,
we are no more,
we are no more,
we are time.
Time slows,
we are no more,
we are no more,
we are no more,
we are time.
Time slows,
we are no more,
we are no more,
we are no more,
we are time.
Time slows,
we are no more,
we are no more,
we are no more,
we are time.

Adding complex formatting to an existing poem:

This one is hard for me to determine, but please!  Send me a note with your thoughts and the poem you want me to format, and we'll think of a fair price.  If you see something you like from my gallery  (my best examples include: "Addiction" , "Of Doves and Crows" , and "Ink Blot Child"), then you may ask me to do something similar.  I can create very simple ascii art, and am font of creating visual poetry that creates an impact ^_^
Note About Pricing:  These prices are for outline purposes only and are for estimate purposes only.  We will haggle a price once you give me your initial idea on what you would like for me to write for you <3
Note About Payment:  I require half up front after we come up with an acceptable price and I receive the details of your poem, voice acting, or sound effects recording.  The other half, you must pay after you approve the draft.  I will make up to 5 drafts.
When you can expect your poem/voice acting/sound effects recording:  Depending on your order, please allow 1 - 4 weeks.  I will usually give you a general time-frame, and if I exceed that time-frame, you have the right to ask for a refund and this is the only time I will give one.
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Current Residence: Village Hidden in the Sound
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock/Hard Rock
Favourite style of art: A blend of Traditional and Digital
Operating System: Windows Vista HP Pavilion Entertainment PC
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
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Skin of choice: Dragon. Makes good armor.
Favourite cartoon character: Yakushi Kabuto
Personal Quote: I am SO going to draw that...

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Ahhh I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, and I'm sure you get this a lot, but I really love your art and your art style is really special and it makes me happy-- ^^

also I think your love for Kabuto is a contagious epidemic that I've fallen prey to-- xD
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Not a bother at all! Thank you so much for telling meeee! heheh yesss join me in my adoration.
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Anyway, thanks for your time! :)
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Thank you so much! Glad to hear it!
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(I just wanted to say your artwork is flat out amazing! I love the style that you draw with and the ideas and concepts are awesome. When I am just drawing day-to-day stuff in my sketchbook with Orochimaru or Kabuto you really are a great inspiration I hope you keep drawing these two. I am also a huge fan of them :)
Yakushi--Kabuto Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Wow, thank you so much! I know the feeling, it's amazing when a good villain really catches your attention! I'm glad you enjoy my work!
KeraUsanagi Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
you are welcome your art work is just so amazing ^-^
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Yakushi--Kabuto Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014
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